Devin Peek | Feeding The Giant
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Feeding The Giant

Feeding The Giant is a collection of nine stories told by restaurant workers across America. The project travelled to Wisconsin, Nevada, Washington, New York, Pennsylvania, California, Utah, Illinois, and Massachusetts, and listened to the people who work in the restaurant industry. Although geographically disparate, each story told of a similar struggle – a struggle to survive on a tipped minimum federal wage that has not been raised in 26 years – a struggle to live in a system of economic oppression in which low wages act as a catalyst for other forms of hardship, such as sexual harassment, lack of paid sick leave, and racial and gender discrimination. Feeding The Giant was a selected project on board the 2016 Millennial Trains Project and received a grant from Comcast NBCUniversal. Illustrations: Nigel Sussman


Design, Photography, Production, Video

Documentary, Filmmaking, Food Justice, Interview, Journalism, Visual Storytelling